UX: Insurance Claim Process


A nationwide health insurance company was frustrated by their customer service reporting, a high-effort manual process that was done at irregular intervals and failed to give managers the insight they needed to effectively plan their case loads. They asked Deloitte Digital if we could build a real-time, self-service reporting tool that hooked into an existing SQL database of customer service cases.


Using an agile delivery process, we first conducted user research to establish a reporting layout pattern that would meet the need for users to view dashboards at multiple levels but also drill down at any time into a record set for more detail. We then created a custom web front-end that communicated with a Restful API to execute on-demand SQL queries based on the user’s navigation path. After a short beta period to confirm usability, stability, and data accuracy we deployed the tool within the company’s infrastructure.


The tool was immediately adopted, reducing both the effort spent assembling manual reporting and the wait times for managers seeking data. Based on the positive reception, the client compiled a backlog of new dashboards to update to real time using an approach similar to the one we had piloted.

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