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From 2004 to 2011 I was a journalist and science editor for SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics. I was able to interview scientists & researchers, and even a Nobel-prize winner, on their work. This meant I had to quickly become familiar with different technologies in order to ask informants the right questions, and then be able to write my article or report in a way that was engaging to my highly technical, research-focused audience.


Silicon Valley Research GroupIT Outlook for 2011: Annual IT Outlook Report.
Silicon Valley Research Group. November 21, 2010.

Light Pollution: Scientists fight stray emissions and glare from lighting fixtures. Web extra.
SPIE Professional. October 2010.

Road to the FutureNew automotive technologies including photonics are about to change how and what we drive.
SPIE Newsroom. October 4, 2010.

Lidar Monitors Environmental Changes: Lidar can help map forests, track sea level change, and possibly save lives in a natural disaster.
SPIE Newsroom. August 25, 2010.

Gold Medal: Charles H. TownesCharles H. Townes wins SPIE Gold Medal.
Cover Story, SPIE Professional. July 2010.

Pinhole Cinema: Pico projectors take the floor.
SPIE Newsroom. June 17, 2010.

Green Lasers in Action: The green laser has seen rapid development in recent years, with surprising applications.
SPIE Newsroom. June 17, 2010.

The World Cup in 3D!. June 8, 2010 (most visited page on SPIE Newsroom in June 2010).

Looking at the Future of Displays. June 3, 2010.

3D stepping out of its comfort zone
SPIE Newsroom. June 2010.

Modernizing the U.S. power grid: smart doesn’t go smoothly. May 26, 2010.

Hello Lamppost: LEDs put to the test on a wide scale
SPIE Newsroom. May 2010.

Small Concerns: Nanotech Regulations and Risk Management
SPIE Newsroom. December 2009.

Agriphotonics: Photonics technologies are helping farmers, food processors, and famine-plagued areas of the world.
Cover story, SPIE Professional. July 2009.

Beware ITAR: More and more companies and educational institutions must be sensitive to the possible uses for their photonics devices, technologies, and research projects.
January 2009 (The 5th most visited page for SPIE Professional in 2009).

Lighting a FireAlternative energy technologies allow groups in developing countries to start businesses, be self-sufficient.
November 2008.

Quest for the Corner OfficeGetting promoted is more straightforward than it may first appear. April 2007.

Nanotech U and YouUniversities can offer big-time help to entrepreneurs moving nanotechnology to market. By Beth Kelley.
July 2008. Hosted by College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering. PDF.

Keeping Up With the TimesKevin Harding, who has begun his tenure as 2008 SPIE President, talks to SPIE Professional about SPIE’s evolving role in optics and his goals as President.
SPIE Professional, January 2008.

The New Boom Town: The Optics Valley of China has a long history of optics development, but recent activity has established the region as a photonics leader.
SPIE Professional. October 2007.

Green Tools: Energy Conservation for the Gadgetry-Inclined; Many new products and devices use optical technologies to help the environmentally and tech-savvy consumer monitor and conserve energy.
SPIE Professsional. April 2008.

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