Education & Museum Publications

A big passion of mine is how people learn and share information, whether it’s in early child development, different styles of schooling, in museums or via public spaces and art, or across the Internet. My articles, blog posts, and papers below dig into some of the many ways that people learn, process knowledge, and use new tools in education.


Students Earn UW Credits Without Leaving Their Own High School. University of Washington’s UW in the High School Program. UW Professional & Continuing Education, February 2012.

Studying Visitors at the Gorilla Exhibit. When you’re at the zoo, is someone watching you? Published on October 2010.

Review: Heaven and Earth II. Carkeek Park, Seattle, WA. Exhibit Files, July 2010.

Collaborative Learning: ELCAN employees reach out to future scientists and engineers. October 2009.

Optics Extends ReachNew optics programs and centers reach out beyond traditional borders. October 2009.

Fact Sheet: Meerkat. Woodland Park Zoo, August 2009.

Community Outreach Programs Invigorate Business, Careers: When business and schools partner to teach kids a love of science and learning, the whole community benefits. January 2008.

Weightless Wonders: A joke in the lab turns into a zero-gravity experiment for four students. January 2009.

Who Is Science Writing for? Science writer Margaret Wertheim will address attendees at SPIE Optics+Photonics in San Diego. July 2008.

Optics Authenticates Art: Optical engineers can help determine if a valuable work of art is the real deal or a fake. December 2008.

New Light: Artist Sarah Hall incorporates photovoltaic cells into glass art for aesthetics and energy use. March 2008.

New Building Flooded by LED Rivers. SPIE Newsroom, 3 June 2008.

Industry PipelineThe Photonics Academy in Wales is planting seeds for the next crop of optics and photonics professionals.  Event preview, SPIE Professional. October 2008.

Moving Beyond BiasRecent reports find gender bias is a challenge in academia around the world, but institutions are working for change. SPIE Professional. January 2007.

Writer’s Doubt and its Effect on the Written Word. University of California Santa Cruz. December 2003.

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