Content Marketing & Copy

Some examples of web copy and marketing campaigns I’ve worked on:

*For several years I worked for a society’s membership magazine, which was largely populated by articles promoting our events and members’ accomplishments.

*In 2008 and 2009, I chaired, organized, and designed the Art Show Charity Auction in Support of the Mother Baby Center in Bellingham, WA, a non-profit that was on the brink of going out of business due to lack of funding. We distributed flyers and posters throughout the city, and brought in donations of art, food, and money from multiple companies throughout the community. We were able to auction off almost all the items donated and earned over $2,000 for the Mother Baby Center.


Introducing Okapi and the Endless Mural Contest. Product release. Plexipixel. November 2010.

Plexipixel helps in redesign, launch of MSN Games site. Press release. Plexipixel. November 2010.

Unite Game Released for Windows Phone 7. Product release. Plexipixel. November 2010.

Age of Empires Online launches. Press release. Plexipixel. August 2010.

Germs, SETI, and life in the cosmos. Event Preview. SPIE Professional. July 2010.

France to host sensing and security meetings. Event preview. SPIE Professional. July 2010.

Light in Action: Attendees of SPIE Optics+Photonics will see solid-state light technologies in action. Event preview. SPIE Professional. July 2010.

Parkour Athletes Face Ultimate Obstacle Course in Fremont. Press Release. Parkour Visions, March 2010.

SPIE Photonics West: SPIE’s Biggest Event Gets Even Bigger In San Francisco. Event preview, SPIE Professional. January 2010.

SPIE Smart Structures/NDE: Smart Thinking! Event preview, SPIE Professional. January 2010.

Gold Medal WinnerNASA’s Richard Hoover makes small things a big deal. SPIE Professional. January 2009.

Speckle RenaissanceJoseph W. Goodman, SPIE Gold Medal of the Society recipient, is spending his retirement working on new speckle research.  SPIE Newsroom, July 2007.

Joshua Tree National Park. Travel writing. e-Marginalia. August 2005.

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