Beth Kelley User and Consumer Researcher

Hi, I’m Beth. I am a naturally inquisitive researcher with over a decade of experience applying my anthropological training to digital, corporate, and natural spaces.


I work with clients and teams to solve user problems, whether the goal is to understand foot traffic at a zoo, improve collaboration at work, or help inform design of a website. I have worked with non-profits, small start-ups, and Fortune 100 restaurant chains, consumer goods manufacturers, healthcare, and technology companies to better understand their different audiences and their needs. My guiding principle is to always advocate for the human.


Rather than use one data source or one approach, I prefer to use multiple methods to look at the entire user/customer/seller ecosystem to understand the numerous different factors that go into a decision-making process. I like to work collaboratively, adapting to a team’s style. I help translate user perceptions, experiences, and other insights into actionable to-do’s and strategy for teams, and guide teams to do it themselves.


You can also follow my current thoughts on my blog Mental Flowers.

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Beth has been on my team for 7+ years and an incredible researcher and leader. She’s great at motivating a team to move forward, helping work through roadblocks and is quick to read a situation and determine the best course forward. She’s a rare combination of both a creative and a scientist that brings a…

Jennifer Buchanan

Beth has a great mind, and personality to match! She is very smart, thinking a few steps ahead when solving problems. She takes on complicated analysis with a “can do” attitude, including challenging proof-of-concept projects. Beth also understands the importance of balance in life, and works with her team members to be sure everyone is…

Stephanie Newby Tice


I’d love to speak with you about potential new projects, or just chat about any of my favorite topics:

  • play & creativity and how it applies to child development & lifelong health,
  • environmental enrichment and design for workplaces, hospitals, parks, and other spaces
  • The psychological and biological benefits of nature (biophilia)
  • outdoor sports & recreation (parkour, freerunning, running, rock climbing, hiking)
  • and my personal hobbies: hiking, ceramics, crafting, LEGO, reading, and more (just ask).

Please reach out to me: