UX: Online vs. In-store Experience for Retail


As the walls between brick & mortar and digital continue to fall, retailers want to understand how they can better blend the sales experience online and offline.


Our team analyzed social media conversations – Twitter, Facebook, blogs, forums, Instagram – specifically scraping for a client and their customer experience. From that data we conduct ethnographic analysis of the data. We uncovered opinions about selection, location, cleanliness of a store, fitting room lighting, and store layout just to name a few. We created personas of the different kinds of shoppers that interact and what their individual goals are, and map each persona’s customer journey. We are also able to quantify how many shoppers express the same opinions, their shopping journey, and customer experiences.


We are better able to identify for retailers how shoppers view and interact with their stores and online sales channels, seeing gaps and opportunities. Retailers get to see the entire 360 degree view and track the customer journey from research to purchase.

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