UX: Fast Food Chain In-store Experience


A global restaurant chain is facing more pressure than ever from shifts in the competitive landscape to shifts in consumer lifestyle priorities, namely “healthy” fast options. Deloitte Digital was tasked with using social media data to take the pulse of modern consumers to prevent decreases in in-store traffic levels, and ensuring the brand’s continued relevance in particular compared to its competitors.


Research revealed consumer perceptions of the brand were primarily as convenient, reliable taste, and affordable. They do not think of the chain as a place to eat healthy food, and is seen by many people as a guilty pleasure, but for most that perception was not a deterrent from choosing to eat there. Many consumers had a favorite branded food item that they would advocate for, with breakfast being the clear winner.


Insights from social research, as well as social mentions paired with store sales data helped inform the brand’s 2015 marketing plan from ad-buying to campaign strategy. Our audience analysis was able to determine what other interests consumers had and where to reach them on social.

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