UX: Employee Experience


Many companies want to understand their employees’ experience, more than just what is answered on a survey. They want to understand the daily commute, working conditions, pain points, and perks of working for a particular company.

Sites like Glassdoor and Indeed provide anonymized employee experience data, but can be hard to concatenate or know if one site is biased.


We developed a multi-metric scoring evaluation model for different categories of work experience – commute, work/life balance, benefits, etc. We then built boolean queries around each topic/metric and scraped the web for conversations about all of these topics across all public channels, specific to our client.


Companies are able to see their opportunities and weak spots and know where to focus their HR and recruiting efforts first, and spot opportunities to highlight parts of their company culture they may not have thought of. We have done this kind of analysis for healthcare, consumer goods, and consulting companies.

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