Audience Research: New App Adoption


Our team at Plexipixel was asked to identify an audience for the Archivist by Microsoft’s MIX Online team, including early adopters and influencers who could help drive adoption. The Archivist tracks and archives tweets on whatever keyword or user you want (you can read more about it in this blog post I wrote for Plexipixel).


I researched the most influential bloggers who might find this useful, from trend trackers to companies trying to track their brand to museums and local non-profits trying to keep track of conversations surrounding their industry. I then reached out to each of these influencers individually, and let them know about the free site and how it could benefit their campaigns or Twitter tracking.


We got some great exposure from major tech influencers Chris Pirillo to Robert Scoble. We were able to raise awareness of the product and increase adoption.

In a spin-off project, Plexipixel was able to use the Archivist to help the Wing Luke Museum develop a better social media strategy!

Our research also demonstrated that there was limited value for this tool without a tie-in to a larger monitoring platform, similar to competitors like HootSuite; this helped improve the overall usage and capabilities of Microsoft’s MIX team’s products.

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