CX: Patient Support Innovation – Competitor Landscape


A healthcare client wanted to understand how their competitors were adopting new technologies, systems, and staying “innovative” with their patient support programs. And not just in the U.S., but globally.


We worked with the client to understand what aspects of a customer care program mattered the most to them. From there we created a matrix scorecard of innovation and performance metrics. These would be totaled to provide an accumulative “innovation” score for each company.

We conducted expert interviews with consultants working with different companies on what they saw as innovative across different companies, totaling about 25 in all.

We also collected and read secondary data and studies on policies, protocols, and approaches in 8 key different countries.

We also performed social scraping of patient forums of conversations around their patient experience.

All of these data points fed into the scorecard and the final ranking.


Through this research we helped identify key strengths and opportunities for the client in different areas of patient support in different markets. While there were some regional differences, there were also some universal takeaways as well.

The scorecard became a helpful tool for the client internally was they reviewed their own patient support programs.


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