Jennifer Buchanan

Beth has been on my team for 7+ years and an incredible researcher and leader. She’s great at motivating a team to move forward, helping work through roadblocks and is quick to read a situation and determine the best course forward. She’s a rare combination of both a creative and a scientist that brings a perfect marriage of the two to every project she tackles. She’s an incredibly gifted storyteller who knows how to adapt what she’s working on to communicate it in a way that the room understands. At Deloitte Digital in particular, Beth was a trusted adviser that would offer great advice and creative solutions to address the problems at hand. As a busy team, she also was the first line of triage as we prioritized projects, pitches, and opportunities to evangelize our work. I came to rely on her ability to effortlessly manage the firehose of requests and readily assess which methodology made the most sense to tackle the question at hand. She also was a great mentor to growing analysts and researchers trying to find their way in a large organization. What else can I say other than Beth is one to watch and someone I happily would work with and hire again any time. She’s incredibly driven and collaborative – the right energy that I’d want on any team.